Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County, Georgia invite businesses to take advantage of prime industrial sites, a trained and eager workforce, and overall affordability.

At the intersection of U.S. Highways 221 and 341, with rail transport available, and two major seaports approximately 1½ hour’s drive away, Jeff Davis County is a great location for business and industry to easily move products to various markets in the Southeast, the nation, and the world.

Business opportunities abound, particularly for timber companies and sawmills that respectfully preserve the natural environment.

Additionally, machine shops, metalworking plants, food processing, footwear manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, and plastics and rubber manufacturing are some of the largest industry clusters in the region.

A new industry taking root in Jeff Davis County is alternative energy, specifically solar farming. Jeff Davis County averages 220 sunny days per year. Several thousand acres are now devoted to solar energy farming with facilities connecting to the power grid and selling energy to power companies and electric membership cooperatives.

A strong workforce from a large draw area and a pro-business community make Jeff Davis County an ideal location for large employers. Additionally, Georgia is a right-to-work state with few labor unions. Businesses in parts of the country that have anti-business legislation and heavy taxes are especially encouraged to consider Jeff Davis County's pro-business stance and low cost of doing business.

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